Service Center Transtelematica exercises in-house development, production, integration and maintenance of Comprehensive Transport Infrastructure Security Systems for the benefit of governmental customers, commercial companies and end users of passenger and railroad transport services.

The top priority of SC TTM activity is performing a full range of services to develop, integrate and maintain the following:

—Comprehensive monitoring and management systems for railroad and Land Urban Public Transport;

—Software and equipment to increase road traffic safety and safety of all its users, optimize intervals of passenger transport, and improve passenger transport safety for all road users;

—CCTV in the passenger transport sector, including CCTV at stationary facilities of transport infrastructure of this segment;

—Automated Passenger Information Systems and placement of Targeting Advertising campaign based on coordinate data.

In-house facilities, efficient optimized logistics and highly qualified personnel allow Service Center Transtelematica to implement as regional, as well as all-Russian important large-scale projects.

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