Development of Automated Systems

As a part of comprehensive development of automatic systems, SC TTM offers a wide range of services:

• Developing automated systems (AS) with support of all stages of design and development under the GOST 34 standard:
─ forming AS requirements, i.e. pre-project research, defining goals and tasks of project, analyzing technical infrastructure and Client’s organization chart;
─ forming Feasibility Study to implement solutions proposed, which also includes hardware and software package, prioritizing active tasks, generating criteria for ongoing works;
─ developing draft and technical projects: AS architecture, requirements for a set of technical means. As agreed with the Client, a documentation package of approved structure is generated;
─ developing AS software, configuration, purchase and installation of hardware package;
─ developing design documentation: detailed solutions generated during AS development, required specifications for equipment and software;
─ commissioning, trial operation and testing, training of Customer’s personnel.
• AS Maintenance: guarantee and after-guarantee service of hardware package, technical support for users and software, hardware package maintenance.

Technological basis, proven experience of developing and integrating Automated System for Companies from various fields, and highly skilled personnel of SC TTM make it possible to carry out as research engineering, as well as research and development in accordance with the requirements of Russian regulations and standards in the research and development area.