Information System


Electronic Information System is used in Land Urban Public Transport and designed to ensure required information level for passengers. The comprehensive solution allows transmitting audio and video data about current/next stop, route number and other information messages with the use of interior panel, route indicator and automatic announcement device.

Service Center Transtelematica offers comprehensive solutions to ensure information and improve comport of using Land Urban Public Transport. SC TTM highly qualified technical specialists and engineers select and exercise works to integrate the most effective system according to Client’s requirements.

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Functional Capability

  • Displaying messages on interior panel, exterior route indicator in text format and transmitting messages by automatic announcement device in audio based on vehicle location.

  • Displaying messages on interior panel and exterior route indicator in text format and transmitting messages by automatic announcement device in audio – available in manual and automatic modes.

  • Automatic record of entering “stop area”, moving start, opening/closing doors.

  • Remote change of route and list of stops.

  • Memory device allows storing required quantity of message sequences for different routes.

  • Playing a warning message about boarding end and door closing by pressing related button. The physical door closing is done only after playing audio message.

  • Playing a name of next stop after message about the current one, in case if it is not the last stop on the route.

  • Quick switching from one main route direction to another one (by number and / or from the list).

  • Customized adaptation of system as required by Customer.

  • Enhanced capability to integrate information system, and specifically to couple it with Media in Transport System. .

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  • The implementation of advanced technologies of Satellite Monitoring makes it possible to identify vehicle’s location and automatically play/display name of stops on the panel without driver’s command.

  • Information System can include as in-built, as well as mobile automatic announcement device.

  • It is possible to produce and install interior and exterior panels of non-standard sizes and LED color indices, in case if it complies with laws and regulations of the Russian Federation in the field of Road Traffic Safety.

  • Professional approach to development and integration of Information System in Public Transport: guiding project from stage of creating project and design documentation to commissioning stage.