Integration of Transport System

With the services for complex integration of solutions implemented on the transport, Service Center Transtelematica can offer the following activities:

• Calculating and developing project, design and technological documentation.
• Engineering and certification support for producing new types of rolling stock and systems.
• Designing 3D models and performing strength calculation using CAD system.
• Defining technical requirements for new transport systems and components, developing terms of reference and technical specification.
• Preparing documents to carrying out tests of new equipment and commissioning.
• Studying issues and developing documentation for technical maintenance and repair of new transport vehicles.
• Providing recommendations to choose technological partners.

Main activities within the integration work of transport solutions include the following:

• Analytics, research and consultation in the area of rolling stock, its components and transport infrastructure (power supply and traffic control systems).
• Developing regulatory documents, providing service maintenance, commissioning, testing and certification of rolling stock and its components.
• Performing calculations, dynamical sumulation, developing mainline railway and urban rail transport and its components. Executing projects on modernization of urban rail transport and supply of upgrade kits.
• Designing new and nonstandard transportation systems, adaptation foreign samples of equipment and refining Russian samples for export.
• Performing traction and electric calculations together with designing projects and supplying equipment of traction energy and auxiliary power supply (railway and urban transport).
• Developing projects (system integrator) together with supply of equipment for Automatic Urban Traffic Control System (Centralized Traffic Control, Microprocessor Centralization, control of infrastructure facilities, etc., including Security System up to SIL4 Level).
• Design jigs, launching production at the Russian enterprises and providing support to localize the foreign samples of machinery and equipment.


• Wide range of specialists in components for traction rolling stock and infrastructure facilities.
• Integration Solutions starting from development up to service and certification of product.
• Product knowledge and contacts with all leading Russian and foreign manufacturers of components and rail transport.
• Usage of advanced software for simulation and design engineering assemblies of rolling stock units and transport infrastructure facilities.