Transport Monitoring and Management


The satellite transport monitoring and management is designed to optimize management of logistics processes at transport facilities having their own and/or leasing fleet of commercial and/or light vehicles.

Functional Capability

  • To identify the location of vehicles, its speed and direction.

  • To monitor:
    — running distance;
    — fuel consumption;
    — route task-solving;
    — improper use of vehicle;
    — idle time. .

  • To manage vehicle fleet:
    — number of vehicles quantity in service/on shift;
    — “Driver – Dispatcher” two-way voice communication.

  • Large-scale integration opportunities together with accounting information systems installed at the Customer’s sites — 1C, ORACLE, SAP.

Software and Hardware Package

Software and Hardware Package.png

Efficiency of Integration

  • Increasing cost-efficiency of enterprise’s vehicle fleet:
    — decrease of idle time;
    — fuel saving by excluding possible fuel misappropriation and unauthorized use of vehicle.

  • Increase of personnel discipline.

  • Monitoring of drivers' work and rest schedule.

  • Increase of efficiency for route planning.

  • Decrease of costs spent for repair and maintenance.

  • Increase of cargo shipping safety.

  • Optimization of business process at transport enterprise.