CCTV in Public Transport


CCTV in Public Transport is designed to secure the users of public transport services, drivers and rolling stock by implementing advanced technology of satellite navigation, communication and equipment used for interior and exterior CCTV.


  • Online video browsing from all onboard vehicle cameras.

  • Online data upload via 3G/LTE.

  • Data acquisition via Wi-Fi, HDD, USB available

  • Generating video record storage.

Hardware and software package includes

  • Equipment for video registry of events.

  • Exterior and interior CCTV cameras.

  • Special-purpose software

  • Server software.


  • Improvement of Transport Safety:
    — Enforcement of road traffic regulations;
    — Safety control of driver;
    — Decrease of emergency situations in Public Transport;
    — Decrease of road traffic accidents (in case of accent, the time for its handling is decreased by means of available evidential base).

  • Increase of service quality for passengers:
    — service culture for passengers;
    — reasonable review of conflict situations, reduce of time to clarify circumstances;
    — decrease of complaints from passengers .

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