IT Maintenance

SC TTM offers its clients a wide range of services for IT Maintenance in order to improve business processes efficiency and optimize costs spent on IT integration and maintenance and/or other different IT solutions.

IT Maintenance Service Package includes:
• Independent expert assessment of efficient information technology.
• Audit of IT security and Data Protection levels.
• Audit of communication level in the enterprise, generating options to improve IT communication efficiency.
• Audit of technical level to maintain PC and nets, including the efficiency of technical maintenance.

• Setup and maintenance of:
— Network Hardware
— Server Hardware
— Workstations
— Office Appliances.

• Audit of operation efficiency of installed and operating software and ability to upgrade them.
• Optimization of financial expenses to update information resources and IT solutions.
• Increase of company’s business process efficiency.
• Increase of management process efficiency, minimization of time factor by setting-up one single, complex and reliable IT infrastructure.
• Evaluation of IT specialists’ efficiency.