Installation Works

Service Center Transtelematica focuses on the quality of equipment installation being part of hardware and software package designed for Automated Transport Safety System, control and electric power metering, information and CCTV in Land Urban Public Transport. SC TTM also provides solutions for satellite monitoring and control of commercial carrier.
SC TTM offers customized solutions for each Client considering their requirements, types and number of mobile/stationary facilities, and specific features of business processes.
The professional level of our technical specialists makes it possible to refine and update GLONASS/GPS solutions already installed at mobile/stationary facilities of the Customer.

SC TTM offers hardware and software systems thoroughly chosen in accordance with the Client’s requirements and these systems can be integrated into the complex systems of Security System.
As a part of project, mounting and commissioning works, Service Center Transtelematica offers the following:
• Equipping stationary plants with wired and radio communications and performing work at height.
• Installing radio stations on mobile facilities to ensure two-way voice communication.
• Complying with safety regulations, i.e. access control, CCTV, public address, information at transport infrastructure and in land public transport.
• Designing automatic passenger flow system and contactless payment of travel fare.
• Developing and implementing standard and high precious location system in vehicles, including railway vehicles.
All equipment strictly comply with requirements of the laws of the Russian Federation.

Located at large sites of Novosibirsk and Kaluga, in-house production facilities of SC TTM make it possible to ensure multistage quality control of the equipment at various stages of its production.

Under supply of complex integrated systems having equipment of third-party manufacturers, all hardware components are subject to inspection and testing by staff engineers of Service Center Transtelematica.

SC TTM company also offers its Clients best options to develop and integrate Automatic System of Accounting Commercial and Technical Eclectic Supply (ASKYE).
The main tasks of ASKYE are as follows:
• Organizing unified information space to collect comprehensive information on electric energy consumption.
• Recording unified information base for the total process to manage electric energy supply, i.e. events, quality parameters and prices.
• Implementing various technologies to access information of ASKYE (local network, WAN, Web).
• Analyzing structure of electric energy supply.
• Integrating ASKYE in unified information space to build an effective control system, and as a result to improve entity cost-efficiency.

During the implementation of ASKYE project, the staff personnel of Service Center Transtelematica are able to perform a full scope of work:
• from development of technical-commercial proposal and economic feasibility to commissioning;
• from working out any innovative solutions to metrological certification of developed system;
• from consulting to joint strategic activity to increase the efficiency and saving of electric energy supply.