Automated Fare Collection System for Transport Services


  • Increase of fare collection

  • Increase of service quality for passengers.

  • Improvement of financing system of Land Passenger Transpor.

  • One strategy to improve controllability of city transport system.

  • Available application of unified technology solutions for transport operators.

  • Scaling out the development of transport infrastructure - connecting new transport operators, a level playing field.

System Architecture

System Architecture

Benefits of System

Increased reliability:

  • High fault tolerance of system at high loads: in the working conditions of the largest megapolises of Russia and CIS countries.

  • In the Russian and European markets, it is the only system being able to process a huge amount of data on a day-to-day basis – more than 15 million transactions.

Enhanced functionality:

  • Creating one single data space: Automatic accounting every passenger irrespective to the used type of ticket medium and transport card.

  • Limitless opportunities for integration: Interfacing with any information system, including systems based on SAP and 1C.

Flexible Settings:

  • System designing based on monitoring passenger flow data in order to increase efficiency of city/region route network: Available to select the most effective system configuration in terms of date on quantity and categories of passengers carried, on routes and time of carriages.

  • Development of system of any complexity and configuration in accordance with the customer needs.

Route Network Optimization based on passenger flow monitoring