Media in Transport


Media Information in Transport System is designed for passengers to have the most comprehensive information about the route and details on operation of Land Urban Public Transport, and arrangement of effective advertisement sites with a high level of target audience trust.

Information Key Areas

медиа на транспорте

Capability of Information Screen

  • Ultra-wide matrix with 16:4,5 format ensures the display of content in single and multiscreen modes. These modes allow placing advertisement and/or information content without stopping the display of actual stops and location of vehicle on the route.

  • The device has a vandal resistant body and optimized overall dimensions, which provides a free access for passengers to the vehicle compartment.

  • The schedule for content display is generated for each screen/ group of screens within the network separately.

  • After receiving a signal from emergency or other services, the ongoing content displaying can be terminated in order to display pre-loaded or quickly delivered information message.

Additional Functionality

Integration.png  Integration with third-party systems
In case of emergency, when a signal comes from EMERCOM, the information is operationally displayed on all monitors of Media Information System network.

Geolocation.png Geolocation
It makes it possible to inform the passengers about vehicle’s geographical location on the route, at stops, and to play other advertisement and/or information.

Report Compilation.png  Report Compilation
Automatic generation of reports on quantity and time of advertising and/or information content release within a specific period time for video clip/ series.

Operating Principle of System

Media Information in Transport System is designed to work in two modes:

  • Standalone mode
    Pre-load of content and advertisement to information screens for further displaying under the schedule.

  • Online mode via 3G/LTE
    Transmission and update of media content is performed via 3G/LTE networks for further displaying under the schedule.

Benefits of System

  • Targeting of advertisement in respect of geopositioning — “Direct hit” the target audience

  • Flexible settings for video content play

  • Online Advertisement placement

  • Unlimited volume of displayable video content

  • Wide range of opportunities for integration

  • Remote equipment diagnostics and administration